What is the first step in bailing someone out of jail?
The first step is to call Bust Out Bail Bonds, LLC at 225-366-2663 so we can guide and assist you. 

What do I need to bail someone out of jail?
You will need the premium (the premium is always 12% of the total bail amount), Jail Fees of $30 to $90 (depends on parish), a qualified co-signer (the co-signer is financially responsible for the bail bond) and possibly some form of collateral (case by case basis on bonds over 75,000). 

How long will it take to release my loved one from jail?
For most transactions, the paperwork usually takes about 20 minutes. Release time from local jails is usually under an hour. The release time from county jails varies, but is typically 1-4 hours. In some situations it can take longer. 

As a Cosigner or indemnitor, what are my responsibilities?
You are responsible for ensuring that the defendant shows up for their scheduled court dates. You are not signing to guarantee the defendant's guilt or innocence. Therefore, if they do not show, you are financially responsible for the FULL amount of the bond after the defendant misses court.

Will collateral be required to post bail?
In many situations, collateral may not be required. Call us and we can let you know if that applies to your situation. 

How much does a bail bond cost?
In ALL cases, the cost of the bail bond in the State of Louisiana, which is called the premium, is 12% of the bail bond amount. Bail Bondsmen do NOT depict the premiums from the court. This premium amount is done by the Department of Insurance (DOI) in which every LEGITIMATE Bail Bondsmen should be charging. 

What if I dont have the full 12%?
Often times, we can arrange for you to make payments on the premium (for bonds $5,000 AND UP), but collateral can be required. Please call 225-366-2663 and we can explain this more fully to you, answer your questions and tailor a solution to your particular situation. Questions to ask yourself; How worthy am I to get a loan today from any financial institution? How's my credit look? Do I own a home? Do I own assets including a car? Do I have any banking accounts? Am I currently employed? 

I found other bail companies charging lower, why can't you?
Because other bail companies are getting away with charging lower than the required premium does not mean we are willing to BREAK THE LAW. The DOI is very clear on our rates and set those rates for EVERY bail company with no exceptions! If you chose to use these types of fly by night companies, then most likely the defendant will be sent back to jail due to non payment or other violations so they can get off the bond. Don't you want to do business the right way the first time?

Why is the bail so high, its their first time getting arrested?
The bail in Louisiana is set according to a predetermined bail schedule that varies from Parish to Parish within the state, and how the judge feels that day. The bail amount is set according to the charge the defendant is being held on not necessarily whether or not this is their first time being arrested. 

Do I get my money back?
The money you pay for the cost of the bail bond, the premium, is non-refundable. This is the fee is regulated by the Louisiana Department of Insurance and charges Bust Out Bail Bonds to post the full amount of bail with the jail or court. Two situations can confuse people into thinking they can get the premium back. If you post the full amount in cash with the jail/court, the cash bail is returned to you by the court typically 6-8 weeks after the bond is exonerated. Sometimes the court personnel mistakenly assumes that the bail bond company has taken cash for collateral and they tell people that their bond is exonerated and they can go get their money back from the bail bond company. 

When is the bail bond released?
The court usually exonerates (releases) the bond when one of four things happens: the charges are dropped, the case is dismissed, the defendant has been sentenced or the defendant is returned to custody.

If I sign a Bail Bond Agreement for someone and they are found guilty, am I required to pay the full amount of the bail?
No, you are only signing to guarantee that you will pay the premium and that the person will make all of their court appearances. 

If I'm a co-signer for a friend or family member and that person misses court, do I have to pay you the full value of the bond?
Yes, you are liable for the full amount of the bond if your friend or relative does not go to court, however a failure to appear in court does not necessarily mean you'll have to pay the full amount of the bond. If you notify us of the forfeiture and make arrangements to return that person to the court you will only be liable for the actual expenses Bust Out Bail Bonds, LLC incurs. 

I signed a Bail Bond Agreement for a friend or relative and they just missed a court date. What should I do?
Call Bust Out Bail Bonds, LLC immediately. The court automatically issues a warrant for their arrest and forfeits the bail bond. If they missed their court date unintentionally, we can generally get them back into court without any additional cost. 

When do I get my collateral back?
Collateral is released when the trial or case has ended and you have no more remaining financial obligations. You should then contact us to begin processing of your collateral.